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riley michaels


Based out of Niagara, Canada, Riley Michaels brings a fresh new feeling to Classic Rock and The Blues.


Riley michaels

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Justin narsansky

Justin Narsansky has been laying down smooth and well rehearsed bass lines for Riley Michaels since early 2017, and has played with many other Niagara region bands. His musical influences include Pino Palladino, and Flea. He loves to be on stage in general, and loves every second of it. He loves being a part of a team and working together to create beautiful music!


carson phelps

Carson Phelps is the textbook definition of a Rock-Star drummer, with influences ranging all the way from Led Zeppelin and Rush, to Harlequin and Triumph. Carson has been playing drums for 9 years, and has been a member of the Riley Michaels band since early 2017. When asked about his favourite part of being on stage, he says that he loves the bright lights, the effects, and the wild crowds!




Toxic Love

by Riley Michaels

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