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At 8 years old, Riley picked up his first guitar. From there on in, there has never been a dull moment in Riley's musical journey! Listening to bands like Twisted Sister and Led Zeppelin flared his interests in music, and Riley has not stopped loving music ever since! As a Blues Artist, Riley has the soul of Elvis Presley, mixed with the power and feeling of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the smoothness and emotion of John Mayer. At 15 years old, Riley released his first studio album, "Mysterious," which he produced, wrote, and recorded in his house basement studio. At 16, Riley released his second studio album titled "Toxic Love," which proved to be Riley's ascension into the Blues Realm! Riley is quite charismatic, and proves that you're never too young to play the Blues! Now 18 years old, Riley is working on his 3rd studio album, so stay tuned!


Riley michaels

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Toxic Love

by Riley Michaels

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