Blog Post #5

Hey all!

I haven't been around to post any of my blog posts because the site has been down for some maintenance lately, but I have been writing them on Word, so prepare for a ton of blogposts..

ANYWAYS, I had a bit of a setback while in the process of recording the new song, titled "No More Bullets, No More Bombs." In the beginning, I announced that the release date would be Friday, January 5th, 2018, coincidentally on my birthday. BUT, the issue is, during the recording stage of the song, I got Pneumonia.. Again.. So, I've been suffering through that for about two weeks, all throughout Christmas and my birthday, and I am just starting to feel better. Regardless, there is still no song, and no money has been made to further my cause. 

I believe that I did a good job with my social media in advertising the creation of the song, and was disappointed to let my fan base know that the song was not going to be released on time. I got some sad but understanding reactions. It's nice to know that someone can synthesise those two feelings into a form of compassion when I told them that I couldn't make a song under the circumstances that I was in.

I am starting to feel better though, so the rest of my holiday break will be spent finishing up this project.

Best - RM