Blog Post #3


Just here to update you on my progress so far! Things are going well! I've finished my first "groovy-tune," and I'm so excited to continue on with this project! I've considered multiple options in terms of genre of music, and for this song, I have settled on a piano-rock ballad. Think of Meatloaf's "For Crying Out Load," meets Oasis' "Champagne Supernova." Once the songs are released, you will notice this song will strongly relate to the theme of refugee families as a result of war. This is most relevant due to recent media with the many attacks carried on by the Islamic State Terrorist Cell group in the Middle East. This devastation has left many families without homes, and even without lives. This song was written in solidarity with those who have suffered through those horrible ordeals. 

I'm still unsure as to what charity I want to support.. I've looked and looked, but as much as I want to support a local charity, I don't know how many of them have worldwide reach and support things like war efforts. That will be my next task before working on song 2. Unsure of the genre for that either.

Just a short one, but the only progress made this week was the creation of a new song.

Until next time,

     Riley Michaels