I have been tasked to undertake an extraordinary adventure by my wonderful music teacher at school, and this project is called 20Time! Basically, 20Time is a part of our semester, where once a week, we are given one (1) period of class to create a project of our own doings, without any restraints on creativity! So, 5 days in a week, each day = 20% of our time, and 20x5=100%! Some super cool things have been cultivated through the 20Time process! In fact, the WHOLE Google Suite, (which I typed this blog post on,) was made through the 20Time Project! There is SO much potential to do cool things with this project, so let me explain what I will be doing with MY 20Time!

I, as a self proclaimed creator of groovy tunes, have decided to create my own songs related to the themes of war, poverty, hunger, world struggles, and the like, and once releasing them digitally through an online service, I plan to sell the music and donate 100% of the funds to local and community-run charities that strive to end world issues such as the ones listed above.

Right now, I’ve been trying to write those said “groovy tunes…” The issue is, lyrically, I have no experience writing about things like hunger, poverty, and war, as usually I write about things I can relate to, like cheesy break-ups, and I dunno - whatever Blues players write about - so this has altogether been a new experience for me as a songwriter. And thankfully, I’ve never had to experience the sadness that comes along with war, hunger, and poverty. Hopefully I will be successful in creating an impactful message, and I hope in doing so I will not only, a) help a specific group of people, and b) gain some more experience for myself as a songwriter!


Until next time,

            Riley Michaels