Blog Post #6


So today was quite productive! I finally felt good enough to try singing! And it worked!! Though not as well as I'd liked to have sounded! So, I warmed up and I'm back in shape now! This is good because the month of January is quite intense in terms of show dates for me, and I have to maintain good health!

After finishing off all of the other tracks yesterday, I finally sat down and opened my recording program to begin recording the vocals. It sounded pretty good and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I hope everyone will like the track once it is fully out! 

I'm just putting finishing touches onto the tracks and doing final mixing and editing, but I'm almost done! Should be done by Monday, January 8th, 2018 in the evening. That means by the end of the week, on Friday, January 12th, it should be out on all fronts - iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, and even for purchase and download on THIS website! 

I'm happy to be feeling better and I'm super excited to share the project that I have been working so hard on with you!




Blog Post #5

Hey all!

I haven't been around to post any of my blog posts because the site has been down for some maintenance lately, but I have been writing them on Word, so prepare for a ton of blogposts..

ANYWAYS, I had a bit of a setback while in the process of recording the new song, titled "No More Bullets, No More Bombs." In the beginning, I announced that the release date would be Friday, January 5th, 2018, coincidentally on my birthday. BUT, the issue is, during the recording stage of the song, I got Pneumonia.. Again.. So, I've been suffering through that for about two weeks, all throughout Christmas and my birthday, and I am just starting to feel better. Regardless, there is still no song, and no money has been made to further my cause. 

I believe that I did a good job with my social media in advertising the creation of the song, and was disappointed to let my fan base know that the song was not going to be released on time. I got some sad but understanding reactions. It's nice to know that someone can synthesise those two feelings into a form of compassion when I told them that I couldn't make a song under the circumstances that I was in.

I am starting to feel better though, so the rest of my holiday break will be spent finishing up this project.

Best - RM

Blog Post #4

Hey friends,

So, this project is beginning to become the death of me.. I've been so busy, and I have so much on the go, that it has been hard to focus on my goal of finishing this project to its entirety. However, I am determined to finish it. I do want to modify it to some degree however. In order to make it easier, I have decided that in lieu of creating 3 average songs, I should put my focus into creating 1 REALLY GOOD song. That way, I can focus my energy into just creating something good that hopefully people will like, and perhaps purchase so that I can support my cause. 

I always find it tough to write when forced to do so - for me - the outcome is not the best result. I have to simply let it happen for me to write a good tune. I also usually find that I write the best songs during the Fall and Winter season. So hopefully this will help me to further modify the song that I have finished and create even better parts for it.

Currently, I have been in studio finishing the recording of the song. Mostly everything is done, the piano, drums, guitars, bass, and other auxiliary sounds, however the vocals are not done. It takes me a bit of time to get those done as those are usually the hardest thing for me to record as I am so picky about how they sound.

I am nearing the end of the time given to complete this project, and I am in quite good shape. I must admit that I do need to add some more blog posts, so you can get some more information about what is going on with this project. As I go, I will begin to post snippets of the song and its creation, but we still have lots of work to do. I am very lucky that I have an extremely talented group of musicians in my band that I am working with, and I am very grateful for all of their hard work, because I do know that without them, I would not be the individual and musician that I am.

Peace out,

Riley Michaels

Blog Post #3


Just here to update you on my progress so far! Things are going well! I've finished my first "groovy-tune," and I'm so excited to continue on with this project! I've considered multiple options in terms of genre of music, and for this song, I have settled on a piano-rock ballad. Think of Meatloaf's "For Crying Out Load," meets Oasis' "Champagne Supernova." Once the songs are released, you will notice this song will strongly relate to the theme of refugee families as a result of war. This is most relevant due to recent media with the many attacks carried on by the Islamic State Terrorist Cell group in the Middle East. This devastation has left many families without homes, and even without lives. This song was written in solidarity with those who have suffered through those horrible ordeals. 

I'm still unsure as to what charity I want to support.. I've looked and looked, but as much as I want to support a local charity, I don't know how many of them have worldwide reach and support things like war efforts. That will be my next task before working on song 2. Unsure of the genre for that either.

Just a short one, but the only progress made this week was the creation of a new song.

Until next time,

     Riley Michaels

Blog Post #2

Hey there!

I haven’t been too successful in writing any new songs for this project so far.. I have found it is quite tough to write about things that you usually cannot relate to, and that has placed a bit of a mental barrier on me because I don’t quite know how I can feel something that I’ve never personally experienced in my life before. I’ve been trying to break through that barrier, and I have however managed to get a few verses and a nice chorus here and there, but most of it is music waiting to have words welded to them.

I have been doing a lot of research on my local charities, as well as some charities abroad too. I would personally prefer to support a charity that is mostly non-profit, as I feel that most, if not all of the proceeds raised for a cause should be rightfully directed towards fighting said cause. So far the local community care is sounding good, but I would really like to stretch beyond that length, because I know I can do more than just that!

Another thing that I have started to think about is advertising, and how I will get my message to my fanbase. The obvious Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this Website will help me to my most extent, however that can only go so far without spending lots of money on Internet advertising, which is not something I’m wanting to undertake right now. This advertisement will in turn lead to potential sales, and after that, I can have more profits to donate to the charity that I end up choosing.

I have been working with DistroKid, an online music aggregation service that artists use to put their music onto online sources like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and many more! What I love about DistroKid, is that 100% of the profits you make, you get to keep, and DistroKid does not take a cut, because I pay a yearly fee to have the account. This 100%, of course, is after all of the streaming sources like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon take their cut, and then the rest is yours.

I am dedicated to writing these songs, and I am excited to see what the future of my 20Time project brings to me!


Riley Michaels



I have been tasked to undertake an extraordinary adventure by my wonderful music teacher at school, and this project is called 20Time! Basically, 20Time is a part of our semester, where once a week, we are given one (1) period of class to create a project of our own doings, without any restraints on creativity! So, 5 days in a week, each day = 20% of our time, and 20x5=100%! Some super cool things have been cultivated through the 20Time process! In fact, the WHOLE Google Suite, (which I typed this blog post on,) was made through the 20Time Project! There is SO much potential to do cool things with this project, so let me explain what I will be doing with MY 20Time!

I, as a self proclaimed creator of groovy tunes, have decided to create my own songs related to the themes of war, poverty, hunger, world struggles, and the like, and once releasing them digitally through an online service, I plan to sell the music and donate 100% of the funds to local and community-run charities that strive to end world issues such as the ones listed above.

Right now, I’ve been trying to write those said “groovy tunes…” The issue is, lyrically, I have no experience writing about things like hunger, poverty, and war, as usually I write about things I can relate to, like cheesy break-ups, and I dunno - whatever Blues players write about - so this has altogether been a new experience for me as a songwriter. And thankfully, I’ve never had to experience the sadness that comes along with war, hunger, and poverty. Hopefully I will be successful in creating an impactful message, and I hope in doing so I will not only, a) help a specific group of people, and b) gain some more experience for myself as a songwriter!


Until next time,

            Riley Michaels